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Celebrating a Life: Popular Rentals for a Meaningful Gathering

Losing someone we love is never easy. Whether it’s a spouse, parent, or child, the pain of losing a loved one can be unbearable. But through the pain, we can honor their memory and celebrate their life. A Celebration of Life is a way to do just that. It’s an opportunity to come together and celebrate the life of our loved one in a way that is unique and meaningful to them. And while the focus of a Celebration of Life is always on the person who has passed, it’s also an opportunity to support one another during this difficult time.

As the owner of a rental company, I am often asked what people need for a celebration of life. To make the process a bit easier, I put together a list of some of the most helpful items for a celebration of life to take some of the stress off this difficult day.

Common Rentals for a Celebration of Life


Tents are a great rental option for an outdoor Celebration of Life. They provide a covered gathering space and can create a cozy ambiance while protecting guests from the elements. Tents are also a great option if you need additional space beyond what your home or venue can offer.

Speaker and Mic

A Celebration of Life is an opportunity to share memories, stories, and experiences with one another. A speaker and mic can help facilitate this sharing. This way everyone can hear the tributes and stories shared during the gathering.

Tables and Chairs

Arranging the space for a gathering can be daunting. Renting tables and chairs can simplify this process and help create a more cohesive and organized gathering space.


When a loved one passes away, many of us have stories to share. Nevertheless, public speaking is still a fear for many no matter how much we all want to share our fondest memories. A podium allows us a placeholder to rest our speech to prevent any shaking hands.


With a variety of colors available, linen rentals can create a warm and inviting atmosphere for guests to gather together and honor a loved one’s memory. Investing in linen rentals for a celebration of life can alleviate the stress of worrying about table settings and decor while allowing for more time to focus on the special memories being shared.

Trash Cans

Trash cans are often forgotten about when renting items for a celebration. But they can be one of the most essential items to your gathering. No overflowing trash cans. No worrying about continuously re-emptying your household cans. Your celebration can stay a bit tidier.

Event Rentals in Central Oregon

A Celebration of Life is a time to come together, remember the best of times, and celebrate a life that was well-lived. When planning for this important event, there are many rental options available that can help make it both meaningful and beautiful. From tents to chairs and podiums, these rentals can enhance the gathering space and provide an opportunity to share memories and stories in a special way. By celebrating the life of our loved ones, we keep their memory and legacy alive and honor the impact they had on our lives.

The team at High Desert Event Rentals can help make sure you have the equipment for Celebration of Life. Contact us today for more information or call us at (458) 292-6988. We provide event rentals in Bend, Sisters, Redmond, Prineville and other parts of Central Oregon.

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