dance floor size guide

Dance Floor Rental Size Guide

Dancing is one of the most important parts of wedding receptions! You want to provide enough room for your guests to dance comfortably. But what size dance floor should you get for your number of guests? Consider the crowd that is attending and whether they are the type to dance the night away.

On average, 33-50% of guests will be on the dance floor at one time. Most people take 4.5 square feet per person or 9 square feet per couple. This chart can help you determine which size dance floor to use for your wedding:

Dance Floor Size Guide


Our 3 most popular sizes are 12×12’, 16×16’, and 20×20’. However we can create any size dance floor up to 20×20 square feet.


SizeSquare FeetDancersGuest Count


View our dance floors for pricing. We provide dance floor rental for indoor and outdoor use in Central Oregon. Contact us in Bend, Oregon for more information or submit your quote online!

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