Rectangular Tables Versus Round Tables

When designing your perfect wedding, the option of rectangular versus round tables will come up. Your tables can change the decor, the way guests communicate, and the overall tone of your wedding. Who knew so much could be influenced by a table! So what type of table is right for your wedding?


Wedding Table Selection

Round tables can be the budget-friendly option. A round table can fit more people. One 60” table fits 6-8 people. One 72” round table fits 10-12 people. In comparison, a standard 8’ rectangular table fits 8 guests. If you have a large wedding party, you may be able to save money by using round tables.

Round tables also require less floor space. If you have a small wedding venue, round tables can accommodate more guests. With rectangular tables, you will have to get more creative to suit a higher guest count. For example, long rows of tables combined together.

So if round tables can fit more people and are more budget friendly, why should I choose rectangular tables? The answer is aesthetics! Round tables create a more traditional look that some brides and grooms don’t like.

Alternatively, rectangular tables can create the ability for more versatile decor and a modern edge. There is more room for event designers to work with. From long garlands, rows of candles, to elegant table runners, you can create unique personalized touches. A rectangular table helps make your wedding uniquely your own.

The visual impact of a rectangular table is also great for photographs. A photographer is able to capture better angles and more of the guest’s faces rather than the back of their heads!


Pros and Cons of Round Tables


  • Tables fit more people
  • More budget-friendly option.


  • Some brides and grooms do not like the traditional look.
  • Does not photograph as well.


Pros and Cons of Rectangular Tables


  • More trendy, versatile options for decor.
  • Photographs well



  • You need to rent more tables for the same amount of guests
  • They require more space in the venue


Choosing your table is primarily a decision on your priorities. If money is no object, many brides and grooms choose rectangular tables. They are also used commonly for smaller to medium sized weddings. If you are throwing a large wedding, you may want to consider the more budget-friendly round tables that can also save you space.

At High Desert Event Rentals, we can help determine which tables fit your space, budget, and the tone you want to cultivate. We have a variety of chairs, tables, and wedding decor to create the wedding vision of your dreams. Contact our event rental team in Bend, Oregon today!

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