Tent Sizing Guide

There’s a very general rule for estimating seating for a party tent. Event planners and party planners have used this basic rule of thumb for decades, and it will work for you as well in most cases: simply multiply the estimated number of guests for the event by ten, and that tells you how many square feet of tent space you’ll need.

That rule of ten square feet per person allows you to roughly estimate comfortable seating for event guests, assuming each is sitting in a chair at a table. So if you had 180 guests, you’d want to use a 30 x 60 tent. That would make for 1800 square feet (30*60), which is generally ideal for about 180 guests

Square Footage: 100

Dinner Seating: 8

Buffet Seating: 10

Row Seating: 12

Cocktail Party: 15-20

Square Footage: 200

Dinner Seating: 16-17

Buffet Seating: 18 – 20

Row Seating: 20 – 25

Cocktail Party: 30 – 40

Square Footage: 400

Dinner Seating: 30-40

Buffet Seating: 40-60

Row Seating: 50-70

Cocktail Seating: 70-80

Square Footage: 600

Dinner Seating: 50-60

Buffet Seating: 60

Row Seating: 75-100

Cocktail Party: 100-120

Square Footage: 1800

Dinner Seating: 150

Buffet Seating: 180

Row Seating: 220-225

Cocktail Party: 340-360

Square Footage: 2400

Dinner Seating: 200-240

Buffet Seating: 240-300

Row Seating: 300-350

Cocktail Party: 400-480

Square Footage: 3200

Dinner Seating: 266

Buffet Seating: 320

Row Seating: 400

Cocktail Seating: 640