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The Top Five Rental Items for Your Wedding

When you are planning your wedding, it can seem like there are thousands of details! Among those details comes the option to rent versus buy. Buying can make sense. However, when you buy, you probably won’t get the quality of items that you could by renting. You will also have a bulk amount of products to sell for a fraction of the price. Before you decide, learn the top five rental items for your wedding.


What Should I Rent For My Wedding?



Tents are a good idea for outdoor weddings. A tent can protect your guests from rain or provide shade. You can even add walls and a heating lamp to keep guests warm. By using a tent for your wedding, you ensure that your guests stay protected from the elements.

Large tents can cost up to $20,000+ to purchase. Additionally, you will need a team to set them up. At High Desert Event Rentals, we have small canopies available for rent. If renting with us, our team can collaborate with large tent suppliers in Bend to make your rental process easier.

Tables and Chairs

Obviously, tables and chairs are essential to every wedding. Before renting, you will need to consider every place that a guest sits. This includes the ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception. Work with your venue to determine what you will need. They may also provide tables and chairs for your event. At High Desert Event Rentals, we have white resin, brown resin, and folding chairs. For tables, we supply cocktail tables, round tables, rectangular tables.

Dance Floor

If you are having music, you will need a dance floor! Many wedding venues will include a dance floor to their rentals. For those that don’t, it should be added to your rental checklist.

The size of the dance floor you rent depends on the amount of guests at your wedding. A 16’ dance floor accommodates 75 dancers which is approximately a 150 guest wedding. A 20’ dance floor accommodates 100 dancers which is approximately a 250-300 guest wedding party. Your event rental company can help determine what dance floor is best for you.


Table linens are a great way to customize your wedding with your desired theme and style. There are many different colors, from black to sage. You can even add a sequined sash. The opportunities are (almost) endless when it comes to linens! At High Desert Event Rentals, we have budget-friendly linens that fit our tables and chairs.

Dinnerware, Flatware, and Glassware

Place settings are crucial. How are your guests going to eat and drink? When it comes to plate settings, don’t forget about chargers , serving plates, knives, spoons, wine glasses, and more! Your caterer may provide the dinnerware.

Your wedding is one of the most special days in your life. Contact High Desert Event Rentals in Bend, Oregon to speak about your options. We can make your wedding rental process easy.

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